North India is shivering from cold, minimum temperature dip down to 3.9 degrees in Delhi

New Delhi: In some states of India, especially in the north and east, people are facing severe cold at this time and still there is no hope of getting relief from this chilling cold. Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department has announced that the temperature in the central parts of India is likely to fall to 2-4° C during the next 48 hours and during the same period, the temperature in eastern India will be 2-4° C below normal. At the same time, the minimum temperature in northwest India is likely to increase by 2-3 degrees Celsius.

In the National capital Delhi, people appeared helpless in front of the fury of the cold. Cold weather continues to prevail in Delhi and North India on Saturday. Temperatures in Delhi-NCR are continuously falling. On Friday, Jafarpur Kalan in the Najafgarh region recorded a temperature of 2.7 degrees, 6 degrees below normal, similar to Shimla. According to the Meteorological Department, the normal temperature of Delhi was recorded at 4.4° C, which is 3 degrees below normal. Palam in west Delhi recorded a normal low of 3.4° C, 3.8° in Lodhi Road, 4.4 ° in Safdarjung, 5.9° in Najafgarh, and 6.2° in the Ridge area of ​​Delhi.

With this, the Meteorological Department (IMD) has also predicted winds of 10-20 km per hour in parts of northwest India in the next two days. It is freezing from Jammu and Kashmir to Mount Abu. The snow has frozen on Dal Lake in Srinagar. People there say that this has happened after a long time. Delhi recorded the lowest temperature of the season at 3.9 degrees and mercury remained below zero in many places in Himachal.

The cold in Amritsar, Punjab, broke a ten-year record. The mercury has reached 0.4 degrees here. The temperature in Jalandhar was 1.6 degrees. The icy winds have also created conditions like Cold Day in Bihar’s capital Patna. Here the mercury dropped to 4 degrees in one day.

The winter season continues with a cold wave in Rajasthan. In most cities, mercury dip down to 3 degrees Celsius in 24 hours. In most places, the minimum temperature was less than 10 degrees. There is not a single city where the mercury of the night is more than 7 degrees. At the same time, after Mount Abu and Chandan, now mercury in Churu and Jobner went to minus. Last night, the temperature was recorded at -2.5° in Jobner and Mount Abu and -0.3° C in Churu.