‘Not Accidental, Covid Leak Intentional’: Chinese Whistle-blower After US Department Report

Questions over the origins of the coronavirus have risen after the US Department of Energy became the latest member of the US intelligence community to say it believes the Covid-19 virus leaked from a Chinese laboratory.

China and the United States are heading for another showdown on the issue after previously rejecting such suggestions, but soon after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), another US agency that it believes created the pandemic I had gone and it was not natural, I came to the fore. Public and said so.

One of the original whistle-blowers in this matter, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, has always maintained that the virus is not only man-made, but was also deliberately leaked.

“The beginning was not accidental. I was working with the corona virus in the Biosafety-3 lab of Hong Kong University. It is a strict environment. Not possible,” she said as her “lab” theory continues to gain more support.

“Based on other evidence and my sources, I believe it was intentionally leaked from the lab for a certain purpose. It was done by the CCP and the Chinese military. The outbreak in Wuhan somehow got out of control, but China deliberately spread it all over the world.

“According to the People’s Liberation Army’s textbook written by their bio-weapons general, if you want the best weapon, if you want to optimize it, the best way is to test it in the same environment as your enemy . It means living area of human beings,” she says, when asked why China would purposefully release the virus.

“Also, we know that the Chinese military conducted several drills in September 2019 to combat the novel coronavirus, but what is their ultimate reason, only the CCP can answer.”

Even more serious is his allegation that Chinese officials did not alert the world when they could, an accusation China has faced from other quarters as well.

“I believe there were ample opportunities for China, even when it got out of hand in containing transmission in Wuhan. Instead they did nothing, they silenced the scientists and doctors and spread it all over the world. Millions of people have died due to the virus and related consequences. Xi Jinping and his regime, who have been involved in the development and dissemination of misinformation on the pandemic, deserve to face trial.

Evidence to prove this is difficult to find, even though the US and global intelligence community remain divided over the origins. There are several reports that suggest a natural animal-to-human jump such as a laboratory leak.

But Dr. Yan is optimistic. “I would not say that it is too late to prove China’s guilt as we are working on research on Covid origin. But if the US Department of Energy has some new evidence, we should have an opportunity to investigate it because China is also pushing a lot of fake evidence.”