On the statement of Kapil Sibal, Gehlot’s counterattack him on Bihar debacle

In the elections held in various states, the Congress seems to be going through a period of differences rather than introspection about its performance. Party leader and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has responded to the interview of Congress leader Kapil Sibal. He has spoken of not bringing the internal issues of the party to the media.

Ashok Gehlot says that Congress workers have been hurt by Kapil Sibal’s statement. They do not have to bring internal issues of the party to the media. He said that Congress has seen many bad times. The party went through bad times in 1969, 1977, 1989 and again in 1996, but the party made a tremendous comeback on the basis of its policies, ideology and confidence of leadership. Every time in bad times, the party has come out and flourished well. The UPA formed the government in 2004 under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi. We will overcome the situation this time also.

He said that there are many reasons for losing elections. Every time the party has shown courage in terms of leadership and position and we have overcome the bad times. In bad times, the party has stood firmly together and that has been the reason for recovery. Even today, the Congress is the only party that can keep the country united and walk on the path of continuous development.

In fact, Kapil Sibal in an interview given to the Indian Express, spoke of introspection about the party’s defeat in the states. In his interview, he said, “People of the country, not only in Bihar, but wherever the by-elections were held, obviously do not consider Congress an effective option. This is a conclusion. The option in Bihar was RJD. We all in Gujarat We lost the by-election. We did not win even a single seat in the Lok Sabha elections. In many seats in Uttar Pradesh, Congress candidates got less than 2 per cent votes. I hope the Congress will introspect. “