Oxygen Express: Railways increase its capacity and start supplying oxygen to 12 states of the country

New Delhi: Indian Railways is continuously working on its drive to supply liquid medical oxygen on demand from different states of the country, facing the current challenges and looking for new solutions.

So far, about 7900 metric tonnes of liquid oxygen has been supplied by Indian Railways in about 500 tankers in various states of the country. Oxygen Express has been supplying about 800 metric tonnes of daily oxygen to various parts of the country in the last few days.

It is worth mentioning here that the first voyage of Oxygen Express started 20 days ago on 24 April 2021, in which 126 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen was supplied to Maharashtra. Indian Railways has continuously strengthened its Oxygen Express campaign in the last 20 days and till now 7900 metric tonnes of liquid medical oxygen has been supplied to 12 states.

Indian Railways is supplying oxygen from Hapa and Mundra in the west and Rourkela, Durgapur, Tatanagar and Angul in the east on demand from different states of the country. States that are being supplied include Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Telangana, Punjab, Kerala, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. A complex route operation plan is being prepared for this.

Railway Oxygen Express is setting new standards in the operation of goods trains to ensure supply of oxygen in the shortest time on demand of the states. Transportation of Oxygen Express is a complex process, yet on long distance routes, Oxygen Express is running at a rate of 55 kmph in most cases. The operation of these trains running on the Green Corridor is being given top priority and realizing the emergency requirement, officers and employees of various zones are working tirelessly in the present challenging conditions to get oxygen to the people in as short a time as possible. Can be transported. The stoppage time of these trains has been reduced to 1 minute for the exchange of crew members on different sections.

Routes are being kept open continuously and high vigilance is being taken to maintain and maintain the routes so that Oxygen Express can continue its journey uninterruptedly.

Along with this, it is also being ensured that the speed or operation of other freight trains is not affected due to the operation of Oxygen Express.

At the time of writing this release, the first Oxygen Express which left for Andhra Pradesh and Kerala is on its route, which will supply 40 MT and 118 MT of oxygen respectively.

80 metric tonnes of oxygen was supplied from the first oxygen express which reached Tamil Nadu this morning. The second Oxygen Express is on its way.

It is noteworthy that 130 Oxygen Express has completed its journey so far which has brought relief to the states in a big way.

Indian Railways is committed to the supply of liquid medical oxygen to the states as much as possible and in as short a time as possible and is continuously working on it.

By the time this release is written, Maharashtra has 462 MT, Uttar Pradesh about 2210 MT, Madhya Pradesh 408 MT, Haryana 1228 MT, Telangana 308 MT, Rajasthan 72 MT, Karnataka 120 MT, 80 MT was supplied in Uttarakhand and 80 MT in Tamil Nadu while 2934 MT of oxygen was supplied in Delhi.

The transportation of oxygen is a complex process and the statistics related to transportation are constantly being updated. Some more Oxygen Express will depart towards their respective destination late at night.

Indian Railways has identified different routes of oxygen supply and the Railways are fully prepared to supply on demand to the states in order of emerging requirements. Tankers are provided by the State Governments to the Indian Railways for the supply of liquid medical oxygen.

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