Pakistan One of the Most Dangerous Countries in the World, Says US President Joe Biden in context of Nuke

At a fundraiser in Los Angeles for US Democrats, US President Joe Biden said that Pakistan is “one of the most dangerous countries in the world”.

I think Pakistan is probably one of the most dangerous countries in the world in terms of nuclear weapons without any reconciliation,” Joe Biden said according to a readout of the statement released by the White House.

These comments were not televised and Biden did not use a teleprompter when making these comments, thus revealing how recent foreign policy developments and personal experiences weigh on Biden’s thought process.

According to a Bloomberg report, the fundraiser also included television scientist Bill Nye and fashion designer Tom Ford.

Issues related to Hungary, the new Italian President Giorgia Meloni and the Russo-Ukraine War were also discussed during this fundraiser with donors and in another discussion held on 6 October. He also spoke about his time with Xi Jinping at Thursday’s fundraiser.

“I’ve spent more time with Xi Jinping than anyone in the world. I spent over 78 hours. 68 of them personally in the last 10 years, because Barack (Obama) knew he was a Vice President And so, he assigned me. I’ve traveled 17,000 miles with him,” Biden said.

“This is a guy who understands what he wants, but he has a huge, huge array of problems. How do we handle it?,” he continued.

He said the Capitol Hill riots appeared during his first G7 meeting after being elected president. He said he told G7 leaders: “America is back.”

He said the response was: “For how long?”

Other G7 leaders were referring to the Capitol Hill riots and the threat to democracy around the world.

The previous fundraiser, mentioned above, was held at the Upper East Side home of James Murdoch, son of News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch, during which Biden reiterated that Russian President Vladimir Putin was not talking about using nuclear weapons.

Bloomberg quoted Biden as saying, “He’s not joking when he talks about the potential use of strategic nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons because his military, you could say, is underperforming.” “

Whether his comments on Pakistan cause a geopolitical headache remains to be seen.