“Pawri girl”: A five-second video brings India and Pakistan together

A five-second video has done the impossible – bringing together social media users in India and Pakistan.

When Pakistani video producer Denaner Mobin uploaded the video to her Instagram page on 6 February, little did she know that she would become an overnight internet star in both countries?

So you may ask what is so special in the video? But before we tell you, you should watch the original video:

On the face of it, there is nothing special about it. She says: “This is our car, this is us, and this is our party”. The video shows young people enjoying themselves.

And this is where the answer lies. While the recent news has been mostly about death and despair, the happy faces in the video made people in two countries happy – usually at odds with most things because of decades of deadly animosity between the two countries .

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What could be better than sharing love at the border when there is so much trouble and so much division around the world.

“I am happy that my neighbor and I are now partying together because of our videos,” she says of Indians.

19-year-old Daniyar Mobin, whose Instagram bio says “Tell me Gina”, is a social media influencer from the northern city of Peshawar in Pakistan.
Her posts are usually around fashion and makeup.

In the viral video, she says in her original Urdu line “Yeh hamari kar hai, yeh hum hain, and yeh hamari paawari ho gaya” (you already know the translation!), As she swings the camera to the viewer She speaks.

She uses the English word for “party”, but pronounces it “Punjabi”.
She recounts in the text below the video that she jokes on “burgers” who come to visit northern mountainous parts of Pakistan on holiday.

Pakistanis use the term “burger” to describe wealthy nobles who have studied or worked outside Pakistan and can speak with an American or British-speaking accent. The burger was very expensive when it first arrived in Pakistan, unlike the local version – the humble bun kebab.

Says Denier, “It’s not my style to do this kind of thing in burger style. I just did it to make you all (my Instagram followers) laugh.”
‘Memfest’ – by Pakistan and India

She even goes on to say in the post that this is meme-worthy content. And he was clearly right.

Far from being offended, Pakistanis began to recreate the short clip and Pakistani Twitter did what they do best: make meme.

It was not long before some high-profile actors and cricketers joined.

The Pakistan Cricket Board shared a video of the Pakistani national team after winning the series against South Africa.

Turned it into a popular song after an Indian DJ carried his phrase “Tu Hamari Pavari Hori Hai” (We are partying).

Yashraj Muhate, who has taken meme-able videos and turned them into the first song, gave a shout out to “Pavari Girl @dananareer”.
Listen to one