Perverted depraved monkeys: Mahua Moitra slams Dilip Ghosh for ‘wear Bermuda’ comment

Mahua Moitra raised slogans against Mamata Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) over BJP Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh, West Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh raised fresh controversy when he said that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee should wear Bermuda, if she wants, Bermuda should wear. To display his injured leg.

Addressing a public rally in Purulia district on Tuesday, Ghosh said: “CM wants to show her huge legs to everyone. Why doesn’t she wear just a Bermuda pair instead of tying a sari? … I have never seen.” The head of the state unit of the BJP said that no one has worn such a sari.

The controversial statement drew strong criticism from Trinamool Congress (TMC) leaders. The party’s Lok Sabha MP, Mohua Moitra, gave a slogan to Ghosh and called him a ‘spoiler’. He tweeted: “@BJP WB president asked in public meeting why Mamata is wearing a saree, she should wear” Bermuda “shorts to improve her legs and these deformed monkeys think they are going to win Bengal Huh?”

For the unmarried, Mamata Banerjee was allegedly attacked during the election campaign at Birulia Bazaar in Nandigram on 10 March. She was reportedly injured in her left leg, hips, arms, chest, neck and shoulders.

The incident soon became an issue ahead of the West Bengal assembly elections with Banerjee campaigning on a wheelchair. Meanwhile, the BJP has called it a ploy to garner “sympathy votes”.