Phul Dei is the flower festival of Uttarakhand, celebrated to welcome the spring season

“Phool Dei festival is celebrated in Uttrakhand in Chaitra month. It marks the welcoming of spring season. This harvest festival is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu month, Chaitra.

It marks the significance of the Environment, also this festival of flowers, teach the kids and spread the positive message on the importance of environment, and how to cherish, nurture, and conserve it. There is something very fascinating and unique about this festival of flowers, it celebrates prosperity and well-being of the people.

The meaning of the word Phool means flower, Dei is a ceremonial pudding (made up of jaggery) which is offered to everyone. According to the festival, Children, particularly young girls go to forests and gardens and collect fresh flowers to offer them to the local deities and then they go to everyone’s home in the village, with plates full of jaggery, rice, and flowers.

Showered flowers on the doorstep while singing ” “Phool Dei, Chamma Dei, Deno Dwar, Bhur Bhakar, Vo Dei Sei Namashkar, Puje Dwar.” and wishes for the prosperity and well being of households. The group of children is known as Phoolyari. In return, each house gives them money and sweets with the belief that they will get prosperity and good luck.

The celebration of the Phooldei marks the bond of love, affection and care of the communities living in the hill, towards nature.