Price Inflation hit: Veg prices are soaring, effecting Aam Aadmi pocket

Written by Raj Kumar

New Delhi: Generally, prices of vegetables and fruits remain high between May and July due to unavailability and short supply. But, this time, the prices of vegetables are touching a new high every day. By the way, the prices of vegetables were not seen so fast at the time of lockdown. But the huge increase in the prices of vegetables after the unlock has forced the poor and middle class people to think.

The prices of commonly used vegetables like potato, onion and tomato are skyrocketing. By the way, it has been a trend that the prices of one of these vegetables are always high. In such a situation, the remaining vegetables are available cheaply, and the poor and middle class people manage. But in the Corona period, the prices of all vegetables are at the highest level since unlocking. Even in winter, vegetables such as peas, cabbage, radish and green vegetables are worth many times more. Along with this, pulses rates are also higher than before. So where should the poor and middle class go.

Now the central and state governments will have to think how to control this inflation. By the way, till the farmer cannot sell his crop in the open market by himself, then it seems difficult that seasonal vegetables and fruits can reach you cheaply. Governments will have to think how to eliminate these middlemen coming between the farmer and the consumer so that the needy can reach the common man in the cheap.

However, due to the rise in prices of potatoes, onions as well as tomatoes, every household kitchen budget has been spoiled. Whereas wholesalers are buying potatoes at cheap prices from farmers and selling them expensively, retail businessmen are also supplying vegetables with a profit of about ten rupees per kg. Shopkeepers say that potatoes are available in bulk at the rate of Rs. 36 per kg, while onions are available for around Rs. 40 and tomatoes are also available around Rs. 40. So it is obvious that the seller of vegetables on the street will also earn 10 rupees. Due to this, potato, onion and tomato are not taking the name of retail price decrease. Now that the new potato has arrived in the market, consumers can get some relief from this inflation.

Vegetables retail prices
Potato Old Rs 45 per kg
Potato new 50 rupees per kg
Tomato 50 rupees per kg
Onion Rs 60-80 per kg
Garlic Rs 120 per kg
Peas 100-120 rupees per kg
Cauliflower 40 rupees per kg
Radish 30-40 rupees per kg
Green greens Rs 40 per kg
Pumpkin Rs 40 per kg