Punjab Election 2022: Congress infighting amongst themselves cannot give stable government: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed his first rally in Punjab ahead of the February 20 elections and said only a BJP-led alliance can ensure security and eliminate narcotics and mafia in the state.

The Prime Minister claimed that the BJP-led alliance has emerged as the right option for the border state. The security and peace of Punjab is essential for the unity and integrity of India. Therefore, the state needs a strong government,” PM Modi said.

Taking a jibe at the infighting in the Punjab Congress, the Prime Minister asked whether those who were fighting amongst themselves could provide a stable government. He said that the policies of Congress destroyed industries in Punjab and affected employment. Stating that the BJP would not let the mafia take control of trade and business, he said traders and residents would work in the state without any fear.

Talking about the drug problem in Punjab, PM Modi said, “I want to save the young generation.” “Only BJP can save youth from drug menace and give them a bright future.” Taking a jibe at Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi, who yesterday claimed that Captain Amarinder Singh was replaced as her government was being run by the BJP,

The PM said that the Captain worked with the Center in the true spirit of federalism. “He was removed because he refused to take the orders of the (Gandhi) family.” The PM said that the whole country is moving ahead with the pledge of “New India” and this can come true only when there will be “New Punjab”.

“It will be a new Punjab which will be debt-free and full of opportunities, where every Dalit will get respect and dignity, and there will be no scope for corruption,” he said.

History is witness that Congress never worked for Punjab, he said and attacked AAP also saying that some people talk about making Punjab drug-free but specialize in opening liquor shops.

Recalling his 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign as BJP’s PM candidate, he said that his plane was not allowed to take off because “the Congress Yuvraj, who was just an MP at that time, had an event near Amritsar”. “.

“I was delayed by more than an hour to reach Pathankot. When I reached Pathankot, my helicopter was not allowed to fly. Why? Because his Yuvraj was going somewhere else in Punjab,” the Prime Minister said in an apparent reference to Rahul Gandhi.

“Such abuse of power was for one family,” he said, targeting the Gandhi family.