Punjab: Kejriwal imposed electricity to all parties, announcing 300 units of free electricity on winning

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal has promised to give a big boost to Punjab for votes in next year’s Assembly Election. Kejriwal has announced 24 hours electricity in the state and 300 units free for each family and discounts on previous electricity bills. Pointing to Delhi, where he had made similar promises before the elections, Kejriwal said, “This is Kejriwal’s promise, not the captain’s. We keep our promises. The captain’s promises have not been fulfilled even after 5 years. “

Speaking at the Chandigarh Press Club, Kejriwal said that if you win in Punjab, the promise of electricity bill waiver will be fulfilled immediately. Every household in the state will also get free electricity for up to 300 units. He said that by doing so, the electricity bill of about 77 to 80 percent people of Punjab would be zero. He said that it could take up to three years to fulfill the promise of a 24G7 power supply.

After his 2015 victory in Delhi, AAP had hoped to win neighboring Punjab two years later. But its promises of 25 million jobs, 5 meals, free WiFi, entrepreneurship schemes, old-age pensions, and a number of free facilities, including a drug-free state, failed to garner enough votes. In the last election, it was successful in winning only 20 seats. Explain that ending the 10-year rule of the Akali-BJP government, Congress had captured 77 seats.

Indicating that the party has done its homework this time, Kejriwal said he contacted people across Punjab and found them “unhappy” with the cost of electricity. Some women said the electricity bill is sometimes 50 percent of household income. This makes it difficult to run the house.

He said that Punjab generates surplus power but cuts power for hours. On top of that, many people get increased bills.

“A person with two lights and a fan gets an electricity bill of ₹ 50,000 per month,” Kejriwal said. How is this possible? This is wrong. It will end with immediate effect. Not only this, all the old arrears and pending or pending bills will be canceled. No one will have to pay old bills. “

Pointing to Delhi, Kejriwal said that the city does not generate electricity but takes it from different states. But still the cost of electricity in Delhi is the lowest in the country. How is this being done? And why shouldn’t it be done in Punjab too?

The Aam Aadmi Party, which is credited with Delhi’s victory in the field of power and education, is trying to prepare its ground in Punjab. In this, it is competing with the Congress government of the state, which is trying to woo the masses with its populist promises.

Kejriwal’s reminding of the unfulfilled promises of the Amarinder Singh government is being seen as a weakness of the Congress in this election. A section of Congress leaders have revolted against Amarinder Singh and are demanding that promises be fulfilled before the elections, which has created a dire crisis within the party.

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