Radhe Ma will be seen in Bigg Boss house? Strong entry surprised people

New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 14 is going to start from October 3 on the small screen, which shows tremendous TRP. Even before season 14 starts, Bigg Boss remains in the limelight. Let us know that people are eager to know about the contestants of this season. At the same time, Colors is gradually revealing all its secrets about this. In a new revelation, it is revealed that Radhe Ma has taken entry in Bigg Boss 14’s house. A video of Radhe Maa taking an entry in Big Boss’s house has also surfaced.

Let us know which celebrities will stay at Big Bose’s house this time along with Radhe Ma, his list ‘The Khabari’ has shared on his Twitter handle. This time there will be Rahul Vaidya, Jasmine Buassin, Pavitra Punia, Sara Gurpal, Nikki Tamboli, Ejaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Rubina, Shehzad Deol and Nishant etc.

TV channel Colors has shared a banging video on its official Twitter account. In this video, Radhe Maa is seen taking a fabulous entry in Bigg Boss house. She is dressed in a red dress and has come to the Bigg Boss house with a trident in her hand. During this, some people also appeared with him. At the same time, with the entry of Radhe Maa, Bigg Boss was also given a tremendous welcome in the house.

While sharing the video, the caption has given information that – “Barsegi Whose grace this Saturday in Bigg Boss house?” Bigg Boss 14 Grand Premiere, 3 October Saturday at 9 pm. “In this video, Radhe Maa is seen saying,” Yeh ghar meh bain forever, Bigg Boss this time…. “

At the same time, the official Colors channel has not announced whether or not she is taking a Contestant entry on this show or not, but Radhe Maa’s entry in this show has really increased the curiosity of the people. Everyone wants to know what their role will be if they stay at Big Boss’s house.

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