Rajinikanth distanced himself from politics, Citing Health Issues

New Delhi: South superstar Rajinikanth has decided to stay out of politics. Rajinikanth in a long letter, citing his health, announced not to participate in the upcoming assembly elections in Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu Election 2021). He thanked his fans and said that I would have to be criticized for withdrawing from my decision, but I do not want to put my fans in any dilemma.

Rajinikanth said that I will serve the people without venturing into electoral politics. He said that he will serve the people without contesting elections. The superstar said, “If I contest, I cannot win elections by campaigning on social media and television.”

He said I am sorry to say that I am not forming a political party. He said that I have taken this decision with a heavy heart. He pointed to a new strain of coronavirus with his decision. He said, if I meet people and get infected, then those living with me are also at risk and they will lose money along with the peace of life. Rajinikanth was to launch his political party in January.

Earlier this month, noted film actor Rajinikanth had said that he would form his political party in January 2021. Announcing his party, Rajinikanth clarified that his party will contest the 2021 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu.

After Rajinikanth, his political advisor in Chennai had said that we will contest all 234 seats in the next assembly elections. Our politics will be spiritual politics because currently the politics of hate is being opposed.