Reliance Jio wrote to Punjab CM Amarinder Singh about the ‘vandalism’ on Jio network sites

Punjab Chief Minister Captain directed the police to take action against those who were committing vandalism. As of yesterday more than 1,500 sites have already been vandalized and the estimated cost of the damage is already hundreds of crores of rupees. According to the letter, a campaign had been going on since the last week of September.

The letter alleged that the police personnel at the local level are not taking action or registering FIRs against the barbarity and as such incidents are not stopping. Jio has requested the DGP to take action.

“With due respect, we would like to bring to your attention that in your respected state of Punjab, Reliance Jio’s telecom infrastructure and digital services have been vandalized and vandalized for the last few weeks due to inciting violence.” Reliance Jio said in its letter to the Chief Minister, working to provide uninterrupted telecom services, which is an essential service for the people of Punjab.

“We have brought this to the notice of the Chief Secretary, DGP Punjab and CEO-PBIP on 28.10.2020, but unfortunately the situation on the ground has only deteriorated. Copies of representation are attached for your ready reference.” Reliance Jio said.

The company said that even during curfew and lockdown due to COVID-19 epidemic, Team Jio Punjab has ensured 100 percent network availability for the people of Punjab.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Monday directed the police to take action against those who were vandalizing mobile towers in the state.