Rhea Chakraborty’s support in industry increases after Chehre blackout

After an annoying incident until 2020 when Rhea and her family were hounded and brutally pursued for for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput and the clouds seemed to be clambering for the actress with more recent bang for the actress more support is gathering.

Big names in the entertainment industry are coming forward in support of Rhea Chakraborty. Rhea and her family were badly troubled for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput after an annoying incident till 2020 and the cloud has been gathering for the actress with more recent bang for the actress and is garnering more support.

Rhea gets a bit of a shock when her face is cut off from the first poster of her comeback film Chehre. Now we hear that many prominent filmmakers are keen to work with Rhea.

A leading filmmaker tells me, “Of course I want to work with her. She is pretty, and talented. And now people want to see her. I don’t mind working with her even if she’s out on bail. If Sanjay Dutt could be so busy during his bail phase why can’t this girl work? She and her poor family has gone through a lot. All the pain would make her a better actress than she was a year ago.”

Rumi Jaffrey, whose ready-for-release Chehere will be Rhea’s first post-COVID, is set to sign her for another film after Sushant’s release. “I have retained an innocent victim with him. She and her family did not deserve it. Her father has served the country for years. I worked with her before all this (sad after Sushant’s death). After the lockup, producer is going to shoot a love story in London with producer Sushant and Riya for Vashu Bhagnani.

Now Rumi will either revive the Sushant-Rhea project along with Rhea and another hero, or she will sign her for another project. “But I will definitely work with her. She deserves another chance. She is talented and beautiful and has done a lot.”