Rinderfine ‘Dating’, Tinder’s music video launched

Tinder, the world’s most popular app to meet new people, has launched a digital-first Montaz film, which shows how young India is redefining dating in the Corona era and these unprecedented moments include connections, chemistry and unique Looking for moments. This video has been viewed by over 6 lakh people.

Tinder’s campaign explores how dating, flirting and such new discoveries matter to people without a panic in the epidemic. They set their own pace and make their own rules about love, dating, living life.

Inspired by real stories and a diverse community of Tinder, the video showcases how today’s dating and flirting looks – from memorizing an outdoor date, to the lack of a public swimming pool, to a virtual dance party Trying for, exploring the city on bicycles, etc. This video shows the optimism of these moments, dating unexpectedly and taking care of physical distance at the moment.

On Tinder, you can tell your experience. Members are always at liberty to personalize their Tinder experience and build platforms. There is a gateway for the kind of connections and experiences they want at their own pace.

Tarun Kapoor, GM-India, Tinder and Match Group say, “The epidemic has significantly reduced the opportunities to fight and negotiate, especially the lives of our younger members. But human relationships are unaffected by the laws of physical distance and barriers (both social and physical) and we continue to be inspired by our community. Our members have creatively co-created and explored new rules of meeting, walking outside and loving. It’s no surprise, General Z has always set his own pace, made his own rules and thrived against the odds, and Kovid has only accelerated it — that’s the spirit we celebrate with enthusiasm Have been.

The film is produced and conceptualized by BBH India, directed by Jess Kohl. Which is composed by music director Mickey McClary. It is sung by Raja Kumari, an Indian-American rapper, singer, songwriter and dancer.

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