Ruckus over AIIMS report, Parambir Singh gave a big statement

New Delhi: There has been a ruckus in the Sushant Singh Rajput case since the forensic report of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) came out. On the one hand, AIIMS doctors have said in their report that Sushant died due to suicide. On the other hand, his family and his fans are not willing to believe that Sushant had done the suicide. At the same time, Dr. Gupta said that the forensic team of 7 people have investigated this case and the case is not of murder but of suicide. Now Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh has given a big statement on this whole matter.

According to Navbharat, Mumbai Police Commissioner Parambir Singh said that on the basis of AIIMS report, the CBI investigation has also revealed Suicide. The same thing came up in Mumbai Police investigation. The Police Commissioner said that the CBI is a professional agency and they have full faith in their investigation. Parambir Singh further said that the Mumbai Police investigation in the case is also not over and it has been put on hold.

Parambir Singh said, “In this whole matter I would just like to say that our investigation was completely professional. Cooper Hospital also prepared a postmortem report in a professional manner. When the Supreme Court sought a report from the Mumbai Police in the case and we submitted the report to the court, the court expressed satisfaction over the report. Our case was never referred to the CBI. Bihar Police investigation was handed over to CBI. Now that the CBI is investigating in the case, we have put our investigation on hold and have not reached any conclusion. Our investigation is also on. “

The Mumbai Police Commissioner further said, “The Supreme Court had said that if the Mumbai Police registers an FIR in the case, it should be handed over to the CBI so that there is no duplication.” We have fully supported the CBI in the investigation. Entered all documents and evidence to CBI. The crime scene was kept safe by the Mumbai Police until the forensic team of AIIMS arrived there. CBI is a professional body and I am confident that it will submit its strong report in the case. The same things have come out in the CBI investigation which were revealed in the Mumbai Police investigation. “

Let us tell you that Dr. Sudhir Gupta, the head of AIIMS Forensic Team, has once again given his statement. He said, “The team of 7 senior doctors in the AIIMS panel investigated the case from all angles and concluded that Sushant’s death was Suicide”. However, the CBI investigation is still on.

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