Saurav Palodhi, Bengali Actor Sacked From Play For Joining BJP

Saurav Palodhi had posted on his official Facebook account that the artiste, Kaushik Kar, was removed from the production for joining the BJP.

A theater group in West Bengal, known for its productions on socio-economic subjects, has removed a cast from a play after the actor joined the BJP.

Saurav Palodhi , whose “Ghum Nei”, an adaptation of the Utpal Dutt classic on the country’s current political situation through the spectacle of Left ideology, posted on his official Facebook account that the artist, Kaushik Kar, was removed from production went. To join BJP.

Mr. Kara was invited to play the role of a character by Mr. Palodi’s group Ichichemoto in 2019, in reference to a man who was reared in 2015 on suspicion of eating beef.

Mr Palodi posted on Facebook three days ago in Bengali: “We are removing Kaushik Kar from ‘Ghum Nei’ with immediate effect as he has joined BJP. And at the present time there may not be enough reason to remove him. May. For communal elements in a play for the working class “.

The theater group will soon announce the date for the next show of “Ghum Nei”.

The post triggered a storm on social media with users like Arca Roy asking, “Is this an example of artistic freedom? Democratic right? Can an artist be judged by his leftist or rightist leanings? It belongs to that political party Should it be left to the person? ” He or she should join. No one has the right to interfere. “

Director Kamleshwar Mukherjee said, “So far I am worried, my casting has never been influenced by anyone’s political beliefs or colors.”

Mr. Palodi said that he stood with the decision that “the play is fundamentally against the ideology of the BJP and no person associated with that party can be a part of Ghum Nei”.

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“Connecting Kaushik Kar with the production, despite being aware of his current political identity, would be a sense of drama and an injustice to the working class for which it is meant.”

Describing the entire episode as an expression of “leftist fascism”, Mr. Karr said, “Only armchair elites, lecturing on communism, have no connection with the public and ignorant about the history of the progressive cultural movement. Can take a kind of decision. I am shocked by the unilateral decision. “