Tejas movie review: Kangana Ranaut shines in a film full of eye-rolling moments

The Abbreviated Soldier is the first and best line of defence: ‘Tejas’ tells the story of a skilled Indian Air Force pilot who puts his life at stake every time he takes on a dangerous mission, the more dangerous the better. As one of his admired instructors at the flying school said of him: If it’s easy, don’t send him.

This is one of the recent films of Kangana Ranaut in which she is playing the role of In and As Part, the film is named after her character. Tejas Gill grew up in a loving family, where a supportive father encouraged his daughter to take up flying, and here she is in her Top Gun avatar, strapping on her helmet and walking down the runway while doing the loop Is.

The trouble with a film like this is that it is so intent on keeping the main star at the center that everyone else becomes his sidekick. The relationship between Tejas and his co-pilot (Anshul Chauhan) has its moments – especially one in which the two are chatting about boyfriends and two-timing, and a few others meant to be humorous, which are a hard one to find. sheds light on the situation – – but it is always clear that it is Tejas who is taking the decisions; The one man in her life (Varun Mitra) who gets little screen time is limited to looking at her with loving eyes.