The example of Indo-Japan friendship is ready by becoming ‘Rudraksh’

Lucknow: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is visiting his parliamentary constituency Varanasi, will inaugurate the “Rudraksh” International Cooperation Convention Center. He will also be accompanied by representatives of Japan. Rudraksh is being decorated in Japanese style. The aroma of Japanese flowers will spread in the Rudraksha. The Prime Minister will also plant Rudraksh saplings in the Rudraksh Convention Center premises. During the program, a glimpse of Indojapan art and culture will also be seen at the Rudraksh Convention Center. It is also possible to see a 3-minute audiovisual made at the Rudraksh Convention Center along with the Prime Minister’s guests in “Rudraksh”. The Prime Minister is also proposed to interact with about 500 people here. It is likely that the Prime Minister of Japan will give best wishes through the video film. The world will see the picture of Banaras changing under the leadership of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

When discussions on religion, spirituality, art, culture and science take place in Kashi, the capital of all education, then its message goes to the whole world.

In Banaras, the triveni of music, rhythm and rhythm flows continuously. In 2015, Varanasi was awarded UNESCO’s ‘Cities of Music’. Banaras, the city of craftsmen, has introduced the world to ancient specimens of art, which the whole world is convinced.

The world’s oldest and most vibrant city, Kashi, has been gifted by Japan to India in the form of Rudraksh, a unique gift of friendship, where you will be able to organize events like big music concerts, conferences, plays and exhibitions with the best equipment and facilities in the world. The foundation of the convention center was laid in 2015 when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was brought by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to his parliamentary constituency Varanasi.

Varanasi Convention Center in the shape of Shivling, whose name is Rudraksha according to the mood of the city. One hundred and eight Rudraksh grains of steel have also been installed in it. As beautiful as it looks, it also has its merits.

In Sigra, a three-acre (13196 sq mt) Rudraksh built at a cost of Rs 186 crore can accommodate 120 vehicles in the basement. There will be a hall on the ground floor, and the first floor, in which 1200 people can sit together on chairs imported from Vietnam. There is a provision of 6 -6 wheel chair near both the doors for the handicapped also. Apart from this, the toilets have also been made disabled friendly. The seating capacity of the hall can be made more or less than the partition. Apart from this, a modern green room has also been built. There are also two conference halls or galleries with a capacity of 150 people. Which is equipped with the world’s latest equipment. This hall can also be increased or decreased according to the need.

The Rudraksh is funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. The design has been done by Oriental Consultant Global, a Japanese company. And the construction work has also been done by a company named Fujita Corporation of Japan.

A small Japanese garden has been built in Rudraksh. Solar plant has been installed for the power of 110 kW. The VIP form and their way of movement are also separate.

To keep the Rudraksh air conditioned, Italian equipment has been installed. The bricks on the walls also stop the heat and fly ash has also been used along with the concrete. Rudraksh has got a grading of three from Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) considering the aspects of construction and use. The Rudraksh has strong security arrangements including camera. Special attention has also been paid to fire safety equipment.

Rudraksh is funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency. The design has been done by the Japanese company Oriental Consultant Global, and the construction work has also been done by a company named Fujita Corporation of Japan. Its construction started on 10 July 2018. Now India has become a symbol of Japan’s friendship with Rudraksha.

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