The people infected with ‘strain’ reached 90; No new cases in the last 24 hours

New Delhi: The focused efforts of the Central and State / UT Governments on effective clinical management of hospitalization cases have ensured a sustained reduction in India’s mortality rate which stands at 1.44 percent today. The number of new deaths has decreased due to effective containerization strategies, continued rapid scrutiny, and standardized clinical management protocols based on overall criteria for care protocols in all government and private hospitals.

Since the last 16 days, less than 300 new deaths are being recorded in the country.

As a part of the Covid management and response policy, the central government’s major focus has been not only on limiting Covid but also on reducing lives and providing quality clinical care to Covid’s acute and acute patients. Has been on saving too. Health facilities across the country have been strengthened as a result of the collaborative efforts of the Central and State / UT Governments.

India has the lowest number of deaths (109) per million population. Countries such as Russia, Germany, Brazil, France, the United States, Britain, and Italy have recorded more deaths per million population.

The current active cases in India are 2,23,335 which is only 2.14 percent of the total positive cases in India. Recovery of 19,299 cases in the last 24 hours has ensured a drop of 855 in total active cases.

This figure shows a change in active cases in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra recorded the maximum number of positive cases with 1,123 cases while Rajasthan recorded the maximum negative change with a decline of 672 cases.

India has the lowest number of active cases per million population in the world. In India, this number is 162, while more active cases per million population have been reported in countries such as Brazil, Russia, Germany, Italy, Britain, and America.

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