The Punjab government implemented new agricultural laws!

New Delhi: On one side there are those farmers who are stuck on the borders of Delhi in this bitter cold demanding the repeal of three new agricultural laws from the central government. On the other hand, there is the Punjab government, which is showing from outside that they are against these agricultural laws, but the reality is something else.

The Punjab government has not only implemented these three agricultural laws of the center inside itself, but the farmers’ crops were purchased under these three central agricultural laws and in the future also, it has been decided to purchase crops under these laws. Punjab Agriculture Minister Bharat Bhushan Asu confirmed this during the press conference. After all, what happened that the agricultural law of the Central Government, which the farmers of Punjab and the people of Captain Amarinder Singh’s party, disputed law, has been implemented in the state?

According to the newsroom post, the Punjab government has passed four laws instead of three in its assembly by declaring these three agricultural laws against the farmers.

It includes Farmer Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Special Provisions and Punjab Amendment Bill 2020, Essential Commodities (Special Provisions and Punjab Amendment) Bill 2020, Farmers (Empowerment and Protection) Agreement Price Assurance and Agricultural Services (Special Provisions and Punjab Amendment)

The Bill 2020 and the Code of Civil Procedure (Punjab Amendment) Bill, 2020. After all, when the Punjab government passed this farmer-friendly bill from its Legislative Assembly, then why implement the three agricultural laws of the central government in the state.

However, in Punjab, the farmers’ crop was purchased under these three central agricultural laws and in future also it has been decided to purchase the crop under these laws. This was not accepted by anyone else, but during the press conference, Agriculture Minister of Punjab Government, Bharat Bhushan Asu. He also said during the press conference that the upcoming wheat procurement will also be done under central laws.

It has become clear that the Punjab government is opposing these three central agricultural laws just for the sake of the show, but the reality is completely different from this.

The biggest reality of the implementation of these three agricultural laws is that in the state, the Food and Supplies Department of the state procured paddy under these laws and gave the outside farmers an opportunity to sell their crops as well. This time under this, 15 to 25 percent more crop has been purchased in Punjab. In such a situation, it has become clear that even though the Punjab government is pretending to oppose these three central agricultural laws, but in fact, the Modi government’s laws have been liked by them.

However, what about those poor farmers, who are still standing on the borders of Delhi despite such severe cold and they feel that the Punjab government is with them. Seeing this decision of the Punjab government, it seems that it is their compulsion to oppose the agricultural laws because they have been brought by the Modi government and this sit-in demonstration is nothing more than a political stunt. So now the question arises that the Punjab government will take responsibility for the farmers who lost their lives during this protest?