TV Talent Show: ‘Hum Hunarbaaz’ formally announced

New Delhi: The TV talent show ‘Hum Hain Hunarbaaz’ was formally announced through a press conference at the MJ Film Production Office in Dwarka Mor. MJ Film Production Chairman Mrityunjay said that MJ Film Production and Pillars Foundation is soon coming up with a TV talent show called ‘Hum Hunarbaaz’ which will be released on the Ishwar channel from January 30 and the promos will be seen soon. Will get

He said the purpose of this show of ours is to provide a platform to such talents whose talent has been lost due to socio-economic compulsions. The real purpose of this show is to find such talent and bring it to the world and give it a proper place. The main objective of the establishment of MJ Film Production is also to bring new and hidden talent to the world through TV serials, movies, web series, talent shows from time to time by giving them the right platform and bring them to a proper place. .

MJ Film Production Chairman Mrityunjaya said that due to lack of proper platforms, the talent of those who do not have any God Father will work for becoming God Father through these programs. Pillars Foundation has been working for the socio-economic, educational upliftment of the marginalized people for the last seven years under which sewing, embroidery, parlor training, counseling on various issues, legal counseling, especially for women and children Various awareness programs are being conducted, etc. Meanwhile, the Pillars Foundation found that in the absence of a proper platform, talent is forced to beg. This problem has increased in the Corona era. The Pillars Foundation will work to find these hidden talents from different strata of society and MJ Film Production will try to provide them a platform to bring it to the world by providing a platform under their banner. In which he said that he should keep moving ahead with the blessings of the audience and the enlightened ones.

In this press conference, apart from Aastha Maa, Dance Director Sanjeev, Marketing Head Megha Thakur, Model Aditi, National President and Head of Mahatma Hazari Lal Memorial Trust, Anuj Sharma, social worker Mo. Enlightened people like Alim, etc. were present and presenting their views, everyone gave their best wishes for the show.