UP’s Badaun Murder Case: Barber accused of Slitting Throats of 2 Kids with Razor

Badaun double murder case

On Tuesday, A local barber in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun accused of murdering two children living in the neighbourhood and also severely injured the third child by attacking on him with axe. Wednesday, police informed, that on the night of Tuesday, during the combat the barber was killed in an encounter.

The two children, Ayush (12 years old) and Ahaan (8 years) were died , whereas, Yurvraj(10 years old) with severe injuries was admitted to hospital. According to Vinod, “Sajid came for a visit around 7:30 P.M and asked my wife to lend him Rs.5,000 as his wife is pregnant, and going to deliver the baby, and told her that he was not feeling well and want to go for a walk on the terrace, where the children were playing. As my wife went inside the room to take the money, Sajid went to the terrace and called his brother Javed. When my wife returned, they Sajid and Javed were already killed the two children, and they were attacking the surviving son, and after that Sajid and Javed escaped, and told my wife that today they have completed their work.”

The father of victims was a private contractor, and was present at the time of tragedy, as he was outside the city, apart from his wife and children, his mother was also present at the time of the incident. After this incident, the police was deployed in the areas considering the tension in different communities of the area. Police have not clarified the motive behind this incident.