Urfi Javed criticizes Jaya Bachchan, Urfi did not like Jaya’s behavior towards the photographer

Urfi Javed recently posted a video of Jaya Bachchan in which she is seen getting angry at a photographer. In the video, the veteran actor can be heard saying, ‘I hope you double and fall.’

‘People don’t respect you because you are a grown-up’: Urfi Javed criticizes Jaya Bachchan for telling a photographer ‘Hope you will fall’

Internet sensation Urfi Javed recently came down heavily on veteran Bollywood actor Jaya Bachchan after she lashed out at a paparazzo and told her that she ‘hoped’ he would fall. In a viral video, Jaya, who is often seen scolding photographers whenever she follows them or tries to click their pictures, is saying to someone, “Aapki sahi seva karte hai… me Hope you double and fall.”

Re-posting the video on her Instagram story, Urfi wrote, “Did he just say ‘I hope you double and fall’. Please don’t be like him, let’s hope we all only rise. Be it behind the camera or in front. People will not respect you because you are older or more powerful than them, they will respect you if you are good with them.”