Democrat Joe Biden wins as president, 46th leader of the United States

US Election Results 2020 Live Update: Democrat Joe Biden wins President Donald Trump and is replaced as the 46th leader of the United States. In any case, Trump did not say that, “political decisions have come a long way from being made” and that “until the American people request the merits and qualifications of the actual vote, they will” rest. will not do. Accusing Trump of extortion in the mail-in votes, Trump tweeted that he won “71,000,000 valid votes” and viewers were not allowed into the checking room. Despite this, his claim was accepted by Twitter as a disputed case.

Finally Joe Biden and her running mate Kamala Harris win the race in USA election.

In addition to Biden, her running mate Kamala Harris will transform into the dominant female and non-white man to handle the workplace. Three days after Biden’s victory as weaknesses, political race officials detected a flood of mail-in votes, which postponed the handling of some voting forms. Biden surpassed 270 electoral college votes with success in Pennsylvania.

In his confession, Biden said: “This is the ideal opportunity for America to join together. It’s more. We are the United States of America for lending. Besides, there is nothing we can do that We do. It’s together. “

The 77-year-old Biden marked his bid on any infallible political philosophy more than promoting a broad coalition of citizens around the idea that Trump represented an existential threat to the American majority regime. The methodology led to a successful run, about significant victories in Michigan and Wisconsin as Pennsylvania, a lifelong Democratic stronghold that turned into Trump in 2016.

The high-caste political race was hung on 3 November against the backdrop of a notable epidemic that killed more than 2,30,000 Americans and wiped out large numbers of businesses. [So what does President Joe Biden mean for India and its relationship with America?