US president Joe Biden fulfills promise, America again joins climate treaty

New Delhi: On the very first day of his term after US President Joe Biden took office, he promised to include the US back in the Paris Climate Agreement.

Thirty days after assuming office, on Friday, February 19, Joe Biden officially returned the United States to the Paris Agreement. Now, the United States must make efforts to convert its promises to commit to reaching zero emissions entirely by setting a target of 2030 by 2050 or earlier.

On this important development, France’s Climate Change Ambassador Lawrence Tubiana and Special Representative for COP21 and CEO of the European Climate Foundation said, “America is back in the Paris Agreement, but sadly we don’t have time to celebrate.” is. The climate crisis has been deepening and this year we need strong plans to step up all the major pollutants and provide a safe, clean and prosperous future for all. America needs to come to COP26 with a strong commitment. The urgency of the crisis is clear, and it means that a new US goal of at least 50% GHG reductions at 2005 levels by 2030 is, ideally, higher. ”

The action and leadership of American states, cities, and businesses over the last four years have kept climate goals within reach. During his first month in office, President Biden has directed an aggressive mobilization of the national government to embed climate in his activities. On Friday 19 February, the leaders of these two efforts will come together to mobilize the “whole society” for climate action. The leaders of the subaltern coalition will call on the Biden administration to reduce emissions by 50% or more by 2050 (from the 2005 baseline) to put the US on the path of full-zero emissions by 2050.

Michael Bloomberg, Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for Climate Ambition and Solutions and founder of Bloomberg, says, “Over the last four years, Americans across the country have continued to pursue and cut emissions as they understand the climate Fighting the change strengthens our economy and protects people’s health.

They put us on track to reach our Paris Agreement commitment and with a strong partner in the White House, we can overcome it, ”said Mike Bloomberg. “We have a lot of work to do, and the more we support cities, states, businesses and climate leaders across the country, the faster we can progress. This is the goal of our new alliance and we look forward to working with the new administration to build on this progress and we have accelerated this in the lead up to this November’s COP26 Climate Summit. “

He adds, “We celebrate that the US government catches up with US leaders and climate leaders around the world who are working full-speed to limit global temperature rise to 1.5˚C. Return to Paris Agreement Walla demonstrates the enduring strength of the United States Agreement, but also returns that agreement in full force. Today is a turning point where ambition promises have to be transformed into action.

There is a need to plan and develop to achieve. It is heartwarming to see more pledges to continue bold climate action with America’s cities, states, businesses, and President Biden and his administration. We Table I am happy to have America back. Now we want them to step up and curb emissions. If they do, they can inspire other countries to put their efforts to deal with the emergency facing all of us. Repeat again. “

The Biden administration has complied with its promise to rejoin the Paris Agreement, but now through it sets an ambitious emission reduction lane target, fulfills its climate finance pledge and calls for the rest of the world to step up climate action is required. International climate cooperation en route to COP26 has received a major boost by United States officials joining the Paris Agreement today. This sets the stage for new commitments by the Biden-Harris administration, creating dedicated and transformative actions from American cities, states, businesses and investors over the past four years.

Their unification in the Coalition to Prevent America’s Emissions by 2030 through the US represents a recombination of science-based climate policy and an unprecedented opportunity to unleash innovation, sustainable jobs and reintroducing nature at a pace and scale : to generate. never seen before. We look forward to welcoming a new wave of American allies, Race to Zero and Race to Resilience, and a genuine commitment to creating a healthier, safer and more resilient future around the world after Covid-19.