Aanand L Rai’s Raksha Bandhan receiving a heartwarming response across the country

Director Aanand L Rai’s Raksha Bandhan was released on the occasion of the festival and since then the film has been receiving a heartfelt response across the country. Fans are taking it to social media and sharing their heartwarming experiences of watching the film. The family entertainer is just a day away from its release and the film has already raked in a whopping 8.20 crores.

The film covered only 35% of the screenings in India and still scored an impressive score on the theatrical front. Compared to 65% of the screenings organized by other films, Raksha Bandhan does unexpectedly well considering it is held in well-screened areas and has just one day’s release. It is a no brainer that the film would have essentially done better with respect to its collections at the box office, if it had covered major film locations in the country.

Considering the overall screening percentage, Raksha Bandhan does exceptionally well and brings the actor-director duo a big win.

The film is getting some heart-wrenching reactions from the audience and they call it actor Akshay Kumar’s best performance till date. Netizens are sharing their heartwarming reviews calling it a light-hearted film with an underlying social message.

The film has received widespread appreciation for its small-town staging, amazing performances and incredible storytelling. Despite being a Dalit, the film has emerged as a clear winner. It clearly proves to be a dark horse that won the race despite multiple screens. The film definitely steals hearts and the attention of the audience is at the top of their list! This is undoubtedly a big win for the entire team.

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