Alibaba founder Jack Ma, under tight scrutiny, Chinese mouthpiece “Global Times” revealed

New Delhi: Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, has been missing for the last 2 months. According to a report, Jack Ma, who ruled in online shopping in China through his company Alibaba, has not been seen since a dispute with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Jack Ma had strongly criticized the country’s financial regulators and state-run banks in Shanghai in October last year. Since then, 56-year-old businessman Jack Ma has not been seen in public for more than two months.

Alibaba founder and China’s third-biggest billionaire Jack Ma also did not appear on his reality TV show and has been removed from the role of judge. The market of news about Jack Ma is hot all over the world. Meanwhile, China’s official Bhopu (People’s Daily) has made a big disclosure about Jack Ma’s presence.

According to People’s Daily, Alibaba founder Jack Ma has been placed under ‘surveillance’ at an undisclosed location. According to Bloomberg’s report, Jack Ma, a member of the Communist Party of China, has been advised by the government not to leave the country. It is believed that behind Jack Ma’s predicament, his dispute with Chinese President Xi Jinping and his company Ali Pe is deepened. Ali Pe was founded 20 years ago by Jack Ma. It is the world’s largest mobile payment platform and 73 million people are its users.

People’s Daily had said in November last year that there would be no ‘Jack Ma Kaal’. People’s Daily wrote, “Jack Ma is intelligent but his company would not have become a business empire of Trillian Dollars without the support of national policies.” And now today Jack Ma has neither influence nor popularity. “

China’s official Bhopu said that Jack Ma’s popularity also ended overnight due to the IPO being suspended. According to the Asia Times report, Jack Ma is not the only person under surveillance. Another prominent Chinese billionaire businessman, Liu Qiangdong, has not been publicly visible for a long time. Liu Qiangdong heads the Chinese giant Shrunkwou. The company has so far twice apologized to China’s autocratic government. The company has also made changes in the management of Shrunkwow so that the CEO of the company does not resemble Jack Ma.