Before the budget session of the Parliament, PM Modi said this decade is important for India’s bright future

New Delhi: Today’s first session of this decade is starting. This decade is very important for India’s bright future, so this golden opportunity to prove those resolutions at a fast pace, the dreams that the freedom lovers had dreamed from the beginning, has now come to the country.

This decade should be fully utilized and hence this session should have discussions keeping in mind this entire decade, the presentation of all kinds of ideas, and the best nectar from the best churning, these are the expectations of the country.

I am sure that with the hope and expectation that the best people of the country have sent everyone to Parliament, we will make full use of this holy place of Parliament, following all the limitations of democracy, and fulfill the aspirations of the people. I am sure that I will not lag behind in my contribution to All MPs will make this session even better, this is my complete belief.

This is also the budget session. Well, perhaps for the first time in the history of India that in 2020, we had to give four-five mini budgets to the Finance Minister as a separate package. That is, in a way, the cycle of mini-budget continued continuously. And so this budget will also be seen in the series of those four-five budgets, I have full faith in it.

Once again today, under the guidance of the Honorable President, all the MPs of both the Houses are committed to meet and commit to carrying forward their message.

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