‘Bigg Boss 15’: Big fight erupts between Afsana-Vidhi, Jay-Pratik; This time the theme is ‘Jungle’

‘Bigg Boss 15’ hosted by Salman Khan has started and this time as the theme is ‘jungle’ so contestants are experiencing altogether different situations.

The tagline of the show is ‘Sankat in Jungle, Phailaayega Dangal Pe Dangal’. The house has been created by art director Omung Kumar and production designer Vanita Omung Kumar. The house is studded with lush green trees, beautiful wall hangings, a swing hanging from a tree and a ‘khufiya darwaza’ . There’s also a pond adorned with pink lotuses and a tree of temptation called the VishwasunTREE.

As one crosses the garden-style arch, one can see animal motifs, prints, paintings and floral wallpapers. The part of the house that doesn’t have a jungle theme is also striking to look at, its centerpiece being a giant flamingo structure built in the middle of the living room.

As the contestants settle inside the house, the ‘sankat’ in the jungle has started creeping in. We already saw Donal Bisht was saved from the nomination as Eeshan Sehgal nominated himself and during a conversation with other contestants Umar Riaz called Donal manipulative.

Also Afsana Khan shares about her marriage in November with other contestants and how she has put her wedding plans on hold for this show. Jay Bhanushali suggested to Eeshan that he should open up as he is nominated for the week and needs votes. There were also some heated conversations among the participants.

In a recent episode a big fight erupted between Afsana and Vidhi right after ‘Bigg Boss’ commanded everyone to turn in their belongings except for the essentials. As Vidhi hurried everyone to follow the order, Afsana suddenly lost her nerve and started screaming at her. “Tu hoti kaun hai mujhe bolne waali?” (who are you to say all this to me) she fired at her. Equally strong-willed herself, Vidhi also lashed out at Afsana, threatening to hit her to quieten her down.

Meanwhile, another fight took place between Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehejpal. The continuous shenanigans of Pratik regarding the house rules irked Jay and Umar. While Jay warned Pratik to watch his mouth, the latter hit back by bringing up orders from Bigg Boss. While Umar and Karan sided with Jay, Nishant took Pratik’s side. Thus alliances have started forming in the jungle, where survival will become challenging with every passing minute!

‘Bigg Boss 15’ airs every Monday to Friday at 10:30 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9:30 pm on COLORS.