Bullet Train: Japanese ambassador visited the construction site;Will be revolution in India

Japan’s Ambassador to India Hiroshi Suzuki has praised the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project. Hiroshi, who arrived in Surat on Wednesday, said that the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train project, once completed, will revolutionize the direction of high-speed rail in India.

The Japanese ambassador also visited the construction site of the High Speed Rail (HSR) station on the bullet train route in Surat along with Rajendra Prasad, Managing Director, National HSR Corporation Limited (NHSRCL). India’s first bullet train project has been funded by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Revolution will come like Maruti Suzuki…

Talking to the media here, the Japanese diplomat said, the massive construction work of the bullet train project is going on in full swing. I look forward to working closely with my Indian friends in a project and a team spirit. When this mammoth project is completed, I am sure it will bring a new revolution. He said he expected a high-speed rail revolution like the Maruti Suzuki revolution. Its future is very bright.

Trial of Surat-Bilimora section will be completed in June 2026

At the same time, Prasad, head of NHSRCL, the agency overseeing the construction work of the bullet project, said that the construction work of the bullet train on the Surat-Bilimora section in South Gujarat is going on at a fast pace and the testing of this section will be completed in June 2026. He said the work on the Bullet project on the Maharashtra section has picked up pace in the last few months and 98.22 per cent land has been acquired.

Prasad said that on the priority section between Surat and Bilimora, we will complete the construction of the bridge by October 2023 and after that the work of track construction will start. We will start the trial run by June 2026. He said that tenders have been invited for the construction of tunnel and station.

98.68 percent land acquired for the project

NHSRCL said in a statement that 98.68 per cent land has been acquired for the project, including 98.87 per cent in Gujarat, 100 per cent in Dadra Nagar Haveli and 98.22 per cent in Maharashtra.