Centre stop Delhi govt’s doorstep delivery of ration, big blow to the Delhi govt

NEW DELHI: The Central Government, on Friday, put a stop to their ambitious scheme ‘Doorstep delivery scheme of ration’, giving a big blow to the Delhi government.

This information has been given in the Central letter to the Food Supply Secretary of the Government of Delhi. Recently, this is the second time when the Center and the Delhi government are face to face on an issue. In the case of National Capital Territory Amendment Bill 2021, and now in the case of doorstep delivery of ration, the two sides are once again face to face.

The Kejriwal government of Delhi has said that the central government has banned the doorstep delivery scheme of ration. The plan was to start from 25 March. The Aam Aadmi Party says that under this scheme Delhiites will get ration at their home, but now it has been banned by the central government.

According to the information, the Delhi government had also issued a tender in relation to this scheme. But now this plan will not be started due to this restriction. It is being told that the Central Government has written a letter to the Delhi Government that it is in their jurisdiction to distribute ration throughout the country. In such a situation, the Delhi government should not make any changes in this scheme. Since the Delhi government has introduced a new scheme for distribution of ration, it has been banned.

Let us tell you that under the Chief Minister’s Doorstep Ration Scheme, the Kejriwal government of Delhi had planned to give ration to every citizen of Delhi at his home. Now after banning it, Aam Aadmi Party has tweeted and asked why the Modi government is opposing the scrapping of the ration mafia by stopping the scheme.

According to the information, last week, the Delhi government announced the launch of the scheme from 25 March. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was to inaugurate the Chief Minister’s Doorstep Ration Scheme by distributing rations to 100 families in Seemapuri circle, while in other circles the scheme was to start from 1 April.

The Aam Aadmi Party government claims that doorstep delivery of ration will help curb black marketing and end the ration mafia. According to the Delhi government, the scheme started long ago, but ration shops have been delayed due to no biometric machines. However, an action plan regarding this plan was prepared earlier.

Let us tell you that under this scheme, the Kejriwal government of Delhi had planned to distribute ration to the houses of about 17 lakh people in 70 assemblies. However, there was an option in this that if someone wants to go to the ration shop and get ration, then he can take it. Under this scheme, the Delhi government had planned to give flour instead of wheat to the people.

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