CIA’s first Chief Technology Officer Nand Moolchandani studied from this school in Delhi

New Delhi: The Central Intelligence Agency of USA has appointed Nand Mulchandani as its first Chief Technology Officer. With more than 25 years of experience working in Silicon Valley as well as the Department of Defense, Moolchandani brings substantial private sector, startup and government expertise to the CIA, the agency said in its press release.

Nand Moolchandani is educated at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world – he holds degrees in computer science and mathematics from Cornell, a master of science degree in management from Stanford, and a master’s degree in public administration from Harvard. Before moving to the US for higher studies, Moolchandani did her schooling from Bluebells School International, Delhi.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Moolchandani attended Bluebells School in South Delhi in 1987. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and mathematics from Cornell University in the US.

In his LinkedIn post announcing the appointment yesterday, Moolchandani said the job offer was one he could not refuse.

He wrote, “I couldn’t be more fortunate to have this job and look forward to continuing my journey in public service with the CIA.” acted as. He was also the co-founder and CEO of several successful startups.

As for the interview process, Moolchandani said that his knowledge of the CIA came from Hollywood movies.

He wrote, “As you can imagine, it was tough to prepare for an interview when the information flow was so one-way; The best were Jason Bourne’s films with Matt Damon and ‘Central Intelligence’ with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and Kevin Hart. Ever since I got the job, you know these are all reliable sources of background material, and I know I’d be pleasantly surprised at how accurate those movies are!”

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