The grand Epic Mahabharata saga on Disney+ Hotstar soon

MUMBAI: Beginning its next salvo of exciting content, Disney+ Hotstar today announced three Indian titles at the global Disney fan event D23 Expo. The new lineup includes India’s most loved talk show Koffee With Karan (Season 8) along with Showtime and Mahabharat.

The announcement further cements the platform’s association with Bollywood producer, director, actor and host Karan Johar (Koffee with Karan and Showtime), and creates a new association with Maverick producer Madhu Mantena, Mythoverse Studios and Allu Entertainment (Mahabharat).

In a panel on international content with Gaurav Banerjee, Head – Content, Disney+ Hotstar and HSM Entertainment Networks, Disney Star, Rebecca Campbell, Chairman, International Content and Operations, The Walt Disney Company, Fernando Barbosa, SVP, Media Distribution & Prod joined in. , LATAM, Jessica Kam-Engle, Head of Content and Development, APAC and Lee Mason, Director of Scripted Content, EMEA.

The discussion focused on global content trends, particularly highlighting the role of Disney+ Hotstar in shaping content in India and beyond.

Sharing his thoughts on the upcoming Indian lineup, Gaurav Banerjee said, “Over the years, India has emerged as a content powerhouse, pushing the envelope with stories that transcend language and cultural boundaries.

For a nation at the center of the OTT revolution, Disney+ Hotstar’s pioneering stories continue to dominate the audience’s favorite content library.

We could not have asked for a deeper veil on our upcoming lineup at a globally coveted platform like D23 Expo 2022 where we have the opportunity to share a glimpse of the soon-to-be-launched shows Showtime, Mahabharat and Koffee. With Karan season 8.”

Producer, director and host Karan Johar said, “I am excited to associate with Disney+ Hotstar for our new collaboration announced at the prestigious D23 Expo. In addition to yet another exciting season of my beloved show Koffee With Karan (Season 8), We are delighted to announce Showtime, an all-new Dharma Productions series that will unveil the biggest trade secrets of India’s entertainment industry.”

Producer Madhu Mantena said, “Indian epics for centuries have captured the imagination of billions of people around the world. These epics are deeply woven into the fabric of our nation. Mahabharata – one of the oldest epics in India One, despite being as old as time, is still relevant today for the many lessons and words of wisdom hidden within its ancient verses.

It is said that every known emotional struggle experienced by mankind finds its form in the Mahabharata through its complex characters and stories.

We at Mythoverse are delighted to take this opportunity provided by Disney+ Hotstar to present this great Indian epic Mahabharata and announce this news on a prestigious global platform at D23 Expo.”