Famous columnist Shobhaa Dey hosts ‘Battle of Gender’ with Paurashpur artists!

Mumbai: With scale and vastness, viewers are being entertained these days with a show called ‘Pourshapur’ where the battle for gender discrimination is depicted and the show is available for streaming on Alt Balaji. An epic fictional drama, Pourshapur talks about gender discrimination, royal betrayal, double standards, lust, greed, and power.

After receiving tremendous acclaim for Paurashpur, Alt Balaji organized a debate on ‘Battle of Gender’ from the show with brilliant artists like Milind Soman, Polomi Das, Sahil Salathia, Anantvijay Joshi, Aditya Lal, Kashish Rai, and Ashmita Bakshi. Have decided to do it.

Conducted by popular columnist-writer Shobhaa Dey, the debate depicts conversations about gender issues that make comparisons between the past and current times of shows prevalent in the medieval period.

The highly engaging and interactive debate began with the hosting of Shobhaa Dey. Asking many essential questions about gender inequality, pay inequality, male patriarchy, and same-sex love, this debit has certainly proved to be huge and spectacular. The same, the answers from the cast and the shocking revelations surprised everyone.

Talking about his third gender character on the show, Milind Soman says, “We were definitely scared when we started stereotyping this character. We’ve seen other representations of the third gender so far and some of them are stereotyped. Therefore, I would say that Boris is a cynical character. He wears clothes and jewelry as he wishes. Boris refers to himself as a male, but he is not a man or a woman. Therefore, behind it. The idea was to get into the human aspect of Boris, and he fights against discrimination against women as he himself has faced it. “

Sahil, who has a parallel story with Boris as the dancer in the show, says, “We have tried to present the LGBT community with great respect. If you look at the romantic inclination of sexual preference towards another man, it is done in a very spectacular way. Unfortunately, we like to keep people in boxes and caricatures out of people. Your sexuality is a small part of your existence and it is about your friends, hobbies, etc. Likewise in the world of Paurashpur, my special equation with Milind on the show is a part of his life, and knowing the secret behind it For, you have to see this show. “

Talking about the atrocities on women in that era, Ashmita Kaur Bakshi informed, “I would like to refer to my character, which I have played in the show. She is physically portrayed by her husband, who is the king. Is a victim of abuse and not because he is his wife but because he wants to show Mel Dominance on women. Yes, in the context of Pauraspur, Mel Dominance is shown, and women are treated as sex objects. The climax of Paurashpur forces you to cheer for the queens of the state. “

The episodes of Pourshpur are now available for streaming on Alt Balaji.

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