Get ready to see ‘Tandav’ in the corridors of power! Know the characters of the Web Series

Mumbai: The entertaining trailer of the much-awaited political drama ‘Tandava’ has got everyone excited about the upcoming Amazon original series. Set in the power corridors of the capital city of the largest democracy, Tandava’s fictional story is composed and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, produced by Himanshu Kishan Mehra and Ali Abbas Zafar, and written by Gaurav Solanki.

The series will introduce viewers to the turmoil of Indian politics, featuring a team of brilliant actors who will fight for the throne in a battle of fraudulent manipulation, greed, ambition, and violence.

See the dynamic world of Tandava here and meet its many subtle characters.

Saif Ali Khan as Samar Pratap Singh

Playing a character like Chanakya, who is also avid and authoritative; Saif Ali Khan as Summer is a blue-blooded crown prince. When he arrives at the mic, it is impossible to ignore him where he attracts a huge crowd with his enthusiasm, energy, and youthful appeal.

Dimple Kapadia as Anuradha Kishore

Marking his stunning debut in the world of digital streaming, we can’t wait to see Dimple in this series alongside other incredible actors. His character Anuradha is one of the senior-most politicians in the country. A woman who is strong-headed and intelligent. And for the past three terms, Devaki Nandan has been the country’s longtime associate of the PM.

Tigmanshu Dhulia as Devaki Nandan

Strong actor Tigmanshu Dhulia as Devaki Nandan is dynamic and generous; Who is to be the Prime Minister for the third consecutive time. Devaki has a separate relationship with his son Samar and this relationship deteriorates when he does not support Samar’s political advancement.

Zeeshan Ayub as Shiva Shekhar

In a story parallel to the larger scheme of events in the fictional political drama, Zeeshan Job’s character is that of a man who appears in the book. A great speaker, humanist and charismatic person, Siva is a student pursuing a Masters’s in Political Science. As the series progresses, Siva becomes the center of an illusory world where nothing is as beautiful as it looks – neither love nor his victory.

Kritika Kamra as Sana Mir

Kritika Kamra plays Sana from Kashmir and she is pursuing a master’s in political science with Shiva (Zeeshan Ayub). A complex character, his personal life is fraught with secrets that force him to go against his own ideals and throw him into the vortex of crime ruining the lives of his loved ones.

Sunil Grover as Gurpal Chauhan

Never seen before in this avatar, Sunil Grover in the role of Gurpal is clever and ruthless. His character is that of a secret person who does not reveal his true feelings. The most trusted person of Samar (Saif Ali Khan), Gurpal has put in a lot of effort to establish Samar. He is more dangerous than he looks.

Gauhar Khan as Maithili

Model-turned-actress Gauhar Khan is all set to surprise everyone in this upcoming series! Gauhar is his close associate and confidant as Maithili, playing the role of Anuradha (Dimple Kapadia) as his secretary. Maithili is for Anuradha, who is for Gurpal Sameer.

Dino Morea as Professor Jigar Sampath

Actor Dino Morea as Jigger, professor of political science at the university; Politics and students do a lot towards bringing politics together. He is a magnetic and intelligent personality. He led a simple life. His old friends have elevated the power ladder, but they never let him feel jealous or hungry for power.

Sarah Jane Dias as Ayesha Pratap Singh

Sara Jane Dias is playing an important character in this political game with Saif Ali Khan. Ayesha is Samar’s wife and also a partner-in-crime. She is attractive, smart, and more manipulative than her politician husband, one of the most powerful figures in the country.

Kumud Mishra as Gopal Das

The closest political ally of Devaki (Tigmanshu Dhulia); Gopal Das Munshi and Devaki Nandan have been associated since the days of student unrest, which has brought their political party into existence. Faced with the same ideology, their relationship is unique. He has never been PM but has been the reason behind the removal of three of them from the post.

Anoop Soni as Kailash Kumar

Anoop Soni is here ready to charm as Kailash; Who is an educated politician of Madhya Pradesh. A close associate of Gopal Das (Kumud Mishra), Kailash is more progressive than most Jan Lok Dal (JLD) politicians, which makes him more dangerous in this drama of power and fury.

Sandhya Mridul as Prof. Sandhya Nigam

Sandhya is a self-made woman and a renowned professor at the university where Shiva, Sana, and others are studying. She is undergoing divorce proceedings with her husband Jigar (Dino Morea) and is currently dating a senior JLD politician.

Shonali Nagrani as Aditi Mishra

Aditi is the first female fighter pilot in the country and is very famous for it. He is popular on social media in media as well as in the world of Tandava. Smart, canny, and sharp, Aditi is close to Samar (Saif).

Set in the capital city of the world’s largest democracy, the Tandava will take spectators inside closed, chaotic corridors of power. The show will reveal the dark secrets of individuals wanting to cross any threshold in their thirst for power, along with manipulations, cycles. The series will be available from 15 January 2021 to Prime Members of India and over 240 countries and territories.

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