Here are dogs breeds that make wonderful for families and some are better suited for suburban and farms

Dogs have always been beloved members of every family, but some breeds are particularly well suited to a home with children.

It’s not just the temperament to consider – you’ll also want to pay attention to the care they require. Breeds eager to please will be easier to train, while particularly intelligent ones may require a more considerate approach. Some dogs have hair and hardly shed them at all, which is preferable for allergies; Others have fur that needs regular grooming.

Whichever breed you choose, they will all be more confident and agreeable if they are trained and socialized early. Introduce them to lots of people and places when they are puppies, so they feel comfortable adapting to new things as they get older.


If you are looking for a small pet that is social and devoted to its owner, the Havanese will be your best friend. Originally from Cuba, this adorable dog is very easy to train and eager to please. Small, but strong, and very demanding in terms of daily energy expenditure, this dog adapts easily to apartment life.

English Springer Spaniel

This medium-sized dog is an excellent companion for an inexperienced owner. Indeed, English Springer Spaniels like to please, which makes them very easy to train. They integrate themselves easily into family life with their extroverted and pleasant personality. The adult English Springer Spaniel needs two hours of physical activity per day. After expending their energy they become quite calm.

Doberman Pinscher

Dobermans are often seen collaborating with police officers because of their learning ability and devotion to work. Endowed with a strong personality, these dogs must be gently trained and socialized at an early age. As such, this breed is best suited for experienced owners. If you maintain a positive relationship with your Doberman, this dog will remain a loyal and affectionate companion.


The astonishing ease with which Keeshonds are trained is one of the canine world’s best-kept secrets. This adorable furball learns quickly and constantly wants to please. Also known as the German Spitz wolf, this breed has a playful and affectionate nature.

Border Collie

Originally from Great Britain, this magnificent dog loves to please its owners and never gets tired of learning new tricks. Border collies are known to be excellent herding dogs and require constant physical and intellectual stimulation. These dogs have lively and intelligent personalities, making them easy-to-train companions.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular dog breeds, the Labrador will thrive as a member of your family as long as it is trained appropriately. While they are known to be very obedient, this furry friend should be trained by a caring owner with a firm attitude and strict boundaries. Your Labrador will happily accompany you on sporty outings and will rarely bark.

German shepherd

Loved around the world, German shepherds are charmingly loyal, agile, and intelligent. We often think of them as working dogs, but if trained rigorously from an early age they can easily make a perfect pet. Dressed in a brown and black coat, this dog thrives especially well when owners get plenty of exercise. Don’t hesitate to enjoy canicross or a walk in the woods with your German shepherd.

Continental Toy Spaniel

This magnificent pooch delights with his perky, straight ears. In addition, the breed has an excellent, playful personality which makes it easy to train. Sweet and affectionate, they can be a little clingy due to their intense need for attention. The Continental Toy Spaniel is a perfect choice for couples and families who spend a lot of time at home.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the third most popular dog breed in North America. It should come as no surprise when you learn that these dogs are champions of obedience. Training this dog with a golden coat is fairly simple. These dogs also easily adapt to all lifestyles and love to work with their owners.


Apart from enchanting us with its air of nobility, the poodle is known as one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. It has a lively, playful nature that families and active owners will enjoy. Poodles are eager to please and are, therefore, easy to train. In fact, this woolly companion prefers agility and obedience competitions. However, they dislike solitude and constantly seek affection from their human companions.

Shetland Sheepdog

Originally from the UK’s Shetland Islands, this sheepdog is an obedient, affectionate and playful companion. Like other sheep breeds, the Shetland is constantly attached to its owner. Its intelligence, coupled with a strong desire to please, makes this dog an ideal candidate for obedience training. It is often described as a Miniature Collie, even though the two breeds are not related.


Rottweilers have received a lot of bad press due to their domineering personality and distrust of strangers. However, these traits stem from unwavering loyalty to their owners and territorial defensiveness. This breed requires training to be happy and easy to control. If you train your Rottweiler with a firm but gentle hand, you will have a disciplined companion who will treat the whole family with affection.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Thanks to its origins as a herding dog, the corgi is extremely devoted and attentive to its owner. They are among the most easily trained breeds. Social and friendly, corgis are rarely aggressive.

Australian Shepherd

Often recognized by their brilliant blue merle coat, Australian shepherds bring joy to many homes. Gifted with a strong ability to learn, they love exercise and respond well to training. Australian Shepherds make ideal pets for the whole family, as long as they are allowed to expend some of their energy for about an hour each day. Without such stimulation, this dog may exhibit destructive behavior.

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon, originally from Belgium, is the ideal dog breed for anyone looking for an obedient pet that is on the smaller side. The Brussels Griffon is known to be a strong breed that enjoys training and performance sports. As a result, their owners must be prepared to spend large amounts of time with them because these dogs do not tolerate solitude.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Of Swiss origin, the Bernese mountain dog is a loyal companion with unparalleled intelligence. To protect their families, these dogs go out to please their owners. This character trait makes Bernese mountain dogs obedient and easy to train. Sweet and affectionate, these distinctive tricolor dogs do not respond very well to strict training methods.

Toy Schnauzer

The Protective Toy Schnauzer is the perfect pet if you have children in the house. These dogs are also exceptionally loyal to their owners, but they do have a dominant personality. When training this breed, take a firm approach to achieve obedience. Once your position as leader is well established, your relationship with your Toy Schnauzer will be quite cordial.


The Pointer is a dog breed known for its obedient nature and intelligence. It is said that a trained pointer remains like this for the rest of his life. Loyal to their owners, they are also protective and do not hesitate to drive strangers away. Originally used to hunt feathered game, these dogs with concave muzzles have impressive olfactory abilities. Pointers are also affectionate and love children.


Who hasn’t dreamed of being a majestic Koli after watching an episode of Lassi? Like all sheepdogs, this breed is very easy to train because of its advanced intelligence. Collies have thick fur, love to play with their owners, and learn quickly. Their gentle and loving nature makes them the ideal pet for any home.

Belgian shepherd (Malinois)

Belgian Shepherds, real balls of energy, will always be ready to join you for any physical activity. Their flair for work – these dogs are often found with police and customs officers – makes them easy to train. Their herding nature enables them to perform tasks and please their owners.