Here’s how Deepika fell in love with Ranveer Singh on the sets of Ram Leela

The couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of their debut film together Ram Leela. The film will always be special as it was on the set of a romantic drama, making the two fall in love.

In an interview to Filmfare, Deepika said that when she first met Ranveer, she had serious faith and even though she liked him, she did not want to commit completely. “It was not about that. It was about whether I was ready for a relationship. Because I was in many relationships before and my trust was broken many times. When I met Ranveer, I was tired, ”he said. “When this relationship, which I ended in 2012, I was like I did. I wanted to try this concept of casual dating.

I did not want to be accountable to anyone. When Ranveer and I met in 2012, I told him, there I realize that there is a relationship between us. I really like you but I want to keep it open. I do not want to commit if I am attracted to different people, then I am going to do my work, ”said Deepika.

Ranveer said something similar in an interview given to Filmfare. “There was a time in my life where I was only connected without any relationship. I am not cutting any string that I am seeing. But yes, you change and grow as a person. You are too pity. Now I cannot even think of such relationships. My biological clock is ticking. I want to be a family man. I love children, ”he said.

Sparks flew on the sets of Ram Leela. HuffPost India quoted a crew member in 2018 as saying, “We knew they were one of a kind, but Ang Laga confirmed it. This is why the kiss was so intensely emotional, no one uttered a word. I still can’t forget that scene. It was new love, joy and madness. The crew member said that even after calling director Sanjay Leela Bhansali a ‘cut’, they clung to each other. The crew member said, “They call each other child, dine together and disappear into their vanity van if they don’t shoot.”

Deepika and Ranveer have worked together in several films since then, and will soon be seen in the sports drama 83, in which Ranveer plays former India cricket captain Kapil Dev, and Deepika plays Kapil’s wife Romi Dev role and in 2018 the couple tide knot.

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