Here’s How Samantha Ruth Prabhu continues to break the mould of ‘traditional Indian heroines’

Samantha Ruth Prabhu, through her personal and professional choices, has consistently defied people’s expectations from the traditional Indian heroine.

In both her professional and personal choices, Samantha Ruth Prabhu has consistently defied what is expected of an Indian leading lady.

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is one of those rare stars in the Indian film industry who has managed to break the language barriers and make herself a household name across the country.

Samantha has managed this without doing much work in Hindi – which sets her apart from the others, which form the bulk of the audience in the country. In a career that began in 2010, Samantha has grown, experimented, and finally found her place. She is one star who isn’t afraid to experiment, and one actress who likes to break the rules.

On her birthday, we reveal how, over the years, Samantha has not only broken language barriers, but has set an example for the next generation, all while taking the road less traveled. Also read: Samantha Ruth Prabhu shares cryptic tweet, says- her kindness has an ‘expiry date’, fans ask, ‘Is this for Naga Chaitanya?’

I could tell about his career and the roles he played – Yeh Maya Chesaway from Oh! Baby and even stellar cameos like Nadunisi Naigal – but I don’t think there’s a need to. Samantha’s career and her filmography are worth watching for everyone. The choices that make his career and life important are beneath him, especially of late.

Like most of the female actors in India, Samantha also has to play her roles where she has to play another role for the protagonist. Her characters in Alludu Seenu and Rabhasa were described by critics as ‘charming Sahara’. But unlike many others, Samantha got past that period. She decided to take on those roles to help her establish herself as a commercially successful. Once she was able to do so, Samantha experimented.

Over the years, it seems that Samantha has made considerable and conscious efforts to challenge herself as an actor, a performer. And in that, she has consistently made choices that no one expects from a ‘traditional Indian heroine’. It started with Oh! Baby, where she played a character not often seen in Indian cinema, where she had to appear 24 and act 70. And he accepted it. Perhaps this encouraged him to push the envelope further.

Next I think this is his bravest role to date – as Tamil rebel Raji in the Amazon Prime Video series The Family Man. Not many people saw his cameo in the 2012 Hindi film Ek Deewana Tha as not many had seen the film. So The Family Man had to be his first real introduction to the Hindi audience. She decided to play a villain in a streaming show over and over again.

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