Here’s the unique Janjgir Vishnu temple is incomplete since the construction time

There is a unique temple of Lord Vishnu in Chhattisgarh which is incomplete since its construction and could never be completed. This temple is known as Janjgir Vishnu Temple. This east-facing temple was built by Kalchuri King Jajvalya Dev I of Chhattisgarh in the 11th century on the banks of Bhima Talab. Which is a unique example of Indian architecture. And this was a temple built on the Saptaratha plan. But now only its remains are found there.

There are many legends related to Janjgir Vishnu temple. One of which is the story of the contest between Shivrinarayan Temple and Janjgir Temple. According to legend, Lord Narayan had made an announcement. In this it was said that the temple which will be ready first, they will enter in that. In the competition between the two to build the temple, the Shivrinarayan temple was completed first and the Janjgir temple remained incomplete.

According to another legend, the Bhima pond adjacent to the temple was dug by Bhima with a spade 5 times. According to legend, Bhima has also been described as the architect of the temple. According to this, once a competition was held between Mahabali Bhima and Vishwakarma to build a temple in one night. Then Bhima started the construction work of this temple.

When Bhima’s chisel and hammer fell down during the construction of the temple, his elephant would bring them back. But once Bhima’s chisel fell into a nearby pond, which the elephant could not retrieve, and after dawn Bhima lost the contest. Bhima felt very sad for losing the competition and got angry and cut the elephant into two pieces. A fragmented image of Bhima and the elephant can be seen in the temple.

Very beautiful and ornamented idols have been made around the temple. The idol of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh in the form of Trimurti is also installed here. Just above this is the idol of the compassionate Lord Vishnu. The Sun God is sitting in the back part of the temple. One hand of the idol is broken but the chariot and the seven horses harnessed to it are clear. Here below, in the pictures related to Krishna story, Vasudev Krishna is shown moving with both hands raised above the head.

Many similar sculptures are made in the lower walls. It appears that at some point of time the temple was struck by lightning, which scattered the idols. Later those idols were fixed on the walls while repairing the temple. Other artistic sculptures around the temple include the images of Vamana, Narasimha, Krishna and Rama among the dashavataras of Lord Vishnu.

There are so many scenes related to Ramayana in any temple of Chhattisgarh, as in this Vishnu temple. Despite so much decoration, there is no idol in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Till date this temple is deserted and yearning for a lamp.