Kangana questioned on AIIMS report, attacked Mahesh Bhatt

New Delhi: In Sushant Singh Rajput case, AIIMS has made it clear that it is not a murder but it is a case of suicide. In such a situation, all the speculation about Sushant’s death has come to an end. But, after the report came, a ruckus has arisen again. This report is being seen on Twitter. If one section is questioning those who had described it as a murder on the pretext of the report, the other section is expressing disbelief in the report. Both are pulling each other on twitter.

Actress Kangana Ranaut has become active again in the Sushant case as soon as this AIIMS report came to light. According to him, no human can do such suicide. He tweeted and wrote, “Young and talented people do not get up on such a day and kill themselves. Sushant used to say that he was bullied and outcasted. He was afraid of his future. He was afraid of the movie mafia. He was afraid that he would not have to face harassment. When he was falsely accused of rape, he was disturbed mentally. “

Let me tell you that Kangana also mentioned the film director Mahesh Bhatt in another tweet. He raised questions about which authority Mahesh Bhatt was doing Psychoanalysis of Sushant. He also questioned why Sushant was banned by the big banners. Now after raising all these questions Sushant’s fans openly supported Kangana. But because Mahesh Bhatt’s name also came up in Kangana’s tweet, his wife Soni Razdan reacted to it.

Sony tweeted the importance of mental health and asked people not to make fun of issues like suicide. Soni Le tweeted and wrote, “Whoever is saying that no person decides on suicide as soon as they arise. I agree with this. Nobody does that. That is the whole point. They suffer for a long time, have suffered a lot, and only then take any such step.

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