No threat to Cinema Hall from OTT and TV: Malayalam film producer & distributor GP Vijayakumar

New Delhi: “When OTT started, it was strongly opposed that it would end the release of films in cinema halls and shut down the film business. However, despite the OTT and TV channels, the traditional film industry, cinema halls, and big-budget films will remain. OTT only complements the entertainment industry, which makes the business more attractive financially.

The viewership on OTT is increasing rapidly and is currently estimated to be 20 percent. OTT also allows average and small budget films to be viewed globally, otherwise, these films will remain locked in the box. At the same time, creative people in the industry want their films to be seen in cinema halls. ” These were told by film producer and Malayalam film industry distributor GP Vijayakumar.

He was speaking today (January 20, 2021) during a virtual ‘In Conversation’ session on the ‘Changing landscape of Indian filmmaking’, which was organized under the 51st Indian International Film Festival, Goa.

He said that OTT will remain here. “Due to Covid-19, OTT gave the producers an option to showcase the films, so that they can earn money even in these difficult times, even if there is less money. On the other hand, release and promotional costs have also increased immensely over the years. With the boom in the satellite market, production costs rose in the 90s, and multiplex numbers increased manifold. The industry performed poorly in 2010 for these reasons. “

Regarding the change in viewers’ choice to watch the film, he said: “There has been a lot of change in the interest and choice of the film audience, they are getting more selective and are getting more likes than web series. These days, the primary target has been set for younger viewers, who live outside the home for the majority of the time, while older people watch TV serials after reaching home. Through the app, the youth get the latest release information ”.

Vijaykumar said that there is no dearth of quality and technical expertise for the industry in the country. He suggested that “adopting a professional approach to filmmaking is essential for success.” He stressed that the money invested in film-making should be refunded.

In response to an online question about investing in films amidst the difficult economic situation after Covid-19, he stated that “more and more producers need to come forward to make meaningful films with merit and professional ideas and the producers One should only be cautious towards films that seek fame and money. ”He said that some producers make films only to gain recognition and be rewarded.

Emphasizing financial discipline, he said that the film business will remain as long as there is a possibility in the commercial form. “The industry has to sustain itself and take care of its employees and their safety considering the value of opportunities. People manipulating finances to gain name, fame, and even experience will always be present in the vicinity. It is not fair to make a film without a good story, solid commercial potential, and the goal of conveying the audience. ”

The veteran producer and distributor advised the producers: “Relying on the director or technical expertise or music cannot produce the desired results for the producer. A business-income model should be the approach and an ideal screenplay, artist and music are also important for the success of a film. A producer should collect all relevant information before starting the project and take the time to identify the right people.”

He concludes that despite various challenges, the positive thing is that the future of the film industry is still bright.

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