‘Porshapur’ a thrilling trailer release of an empire steeped in conflict, vengeance and lust

The stunning digital platform, ALTBalaji and ZEE5 are back to show audiences yet another much-awaited show – Pourshapur, as never before seen in the OTT space! The world of Pourshpur is bringing you love, lust, blood-soaked swords, gender conflicts, a brilliant set with tough dialogues and a decision that questions the social fabric of the entire state!

A magnum opus with stunning visuals, grandeur, scale, superb star cast and powerful dialogues, the two platforms have greatly boosted its excitement by releasing the much-awaited series trailer recently, including Annu Kapoor, Milind Soman, Shilpa Shinde, A stellar cast comprising Shaheer Sheikh, Sahil Salathia, Polomi Das, Anantvijay Joshi, Flora Saini and Aditya Lal.

Shooting the backdrop of 16th century India, in the world of Paurashpur where actor Annu Kapoor, famously known as Raja Bhadrapratap Singh, ruled an extremely wrong and evil empire. A state, where women are considered to be the object of the will and are considered the property of the man. A toxic dynasty, which forbids women’s freedom, where laws are so archaic that women are barred from making decisions about their own bodies. The beautiful Shilpa Shinde (Rani Meeravati) challenges male-dominated laws in the state, where women are objected to at will and are considered property of men.

Milind Soman questions the state’s rules as Boris (trans gender) and heralds the revolution. Sahil Salathia as Bhanu, Shaheer Sheikh as Veer Singh, Polomi Das as Kala, Anantvijay Joshi as Prince Aditya, add to the twist and turn of adventure and brutal stories of the Paurashpur Empire. The trailer ends on an interesting note, which sets the tone for the revolution, with actor Shaheer Sheikh as Veer Singh saying, “Pourshapur will fall … and our love will make him fall”.

Shilpa Shinde says, “I think most artists are always ready to work in shows like Porshapur. Apart from portraying the ambitious character of a queen, the show touches on a number of serious issues such as male patriarchy, gender politics, power, etc., which used to exist in those days. I am happy to be a part of this interesting show shot on such a grand scale. Hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we did while shooting. You will never want to miss this show ”.

Milind Soman, “I like to work on interesting and challenging fictional characters, because it makes me learn about a new world every time. I am glad that so many people have appreciated the look of my character and I hope they like this show too! The entire team has worked hard to create something that viewers will get to experience through an Indian production for the first time. “

Watch the epic story of an extraordinary empire, directed by Shachindra Vats on December 29 only on ALTBALAJI and ZEE5!