Rahul Vohra’s wife wants justice for his unfortunate demise, shared last-minute video

Actor-YouTuber Rahul Vohra died in a hospital in New Delhi on Sunday due to COVID-19 complications. Now, in a revelation, his wife Jyoti Tiwari posted a heart-pounding video gasping for breath.

A few days before his unfortunate demise, Rahul had tagged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia in a Facebook post and asked for better treatment. “If I had better treatment, I might have been saved.” (Mujhe bhi anha treatment milt jat to mai bhi bach jata yours), ”Vohra wrote.

Now, his wife Jyoti posted a heartbreaking video of her late husband in which she can also be seen panting in the hospital and while she had an oxygen mask. He was rushed to another hospital where he breathed his last.

“My Rahul is gone, you find everyone, how is it like day after tomorrow?” Does Tarah get treated? Vahan (Everyone knows that Rahul has passed away but no one knows how it is treating his patients.), ”Jyoti wrote.

In the video, Rahul explains the treatment and services offered by the hospital. He said that the attendants did not come when patients were called to assist with oxygen concentrations. He alleged that some employees of the hospital did not even know how the machine operated.

“I keep calling them, they have arrived.” They come for 1-2 hours, till then it is up to us to manage it. They do not understand. What should I do? Rahul questioned helplessly.

His wife Jyoti captioned the video, “Justice for every Rahul.” She said the purpose of sharing the video is to save others from suffering and dying.