RSVP’s ‘Nakhat’ represented India in the Oscars; an exclusive snippet of the film!

Mumbai: There are some movies that get big releases and make a lot of headlines among the audience and some movies that are premiered on streaming platforms and also affect the audience internationally. Movie ‘Natkhat’ from India is set to make its place in the Oscars.

A short clip of the film’s scene is becoming viral on social media; In the clip, Vidya Balan is massaging and interacting with her child’s, which begins with an innocent conversation, but soon becomes a strange and worrying topic. The scene arouses fear in the viewer’s mind and the film is truly claiming an Oscar with a scary thought scene.

This nomination is a huge achievement in itself. Keeping an eye on a major goal with Oscar, this short film introduces the delicate subject of gender-equality and shows it with great caution so that it is not on the wrong track when dealing with such sensitive issues Go.

Directed by Shaan Vyas and written by Vyas and Annukamp Harsh, the film deals with issues relevant in today’s world. It has aired on YouTube as part of We Are One: A Global Film Festival. The film produced by Ronnie Screwvala is released on June 2, 2020.

If you have not seen this film then go, watch it today, because the eyes of India are now set on this film with which the Oscar is expected to come to India after a long wait!