Television Talk Show: Sonu Sood to be first celebrity in Jay Kumar’s show ‘Jay-Ho’

“Jay-Ho!”—The Jay Kumar Show Makes Its Debut with Sonu Sood as First Guest: Television talk show features major stars and inspirational, humanitarian themes

BOSTON—Feb. 8, 2021—“Jay-Ho!”—The Jay Kumar Show, a new television talk show, is making its debut with Bollywood star and humanitarian legend Sonu Sood as its first guest. Hosted by Jay Kumar, the show offers interviews with major stars and inspirational, spiritually stimulating humanitarian themes. For today’s audience, which is constantly bombarded with the cacophony of various talk shows, the “Jay-Ho” Show is a relief. Its novelty lies in the structure of the show and host Jay Kumar’s intimate, friendly and almost meditative style of conducting long-form interviews of stars from different walks of life. The program is launching on YouTube and Facebook.

“This show is going to give the audience a chance to see a different side of their favorite celebrities,” explained Kumar. “We’re going to go deep and ask questions you don’t usually hear on TV, like ‘In such a cut throat competitive industry, how do you manage your spiritual fitness along with physical fitness? I am sure all these answers will inspire the audience.”

The show’s name, “Jay-Ho” translates loosely from Hindi as “Let there be victory.” The term can also mean “Praise from your heart,” which is an interpretation Kumar likes for the show. He noted, “Jay-Ho is a way of saying ‘we praise you for your victory in life’s challenges.’” It also happens to be the host’s first name.

For sure, the idea of praising victory for overcoming life’s challenges applies to Mr. Sood, the show’s inaugural guest. Now one of the most famous people in India, Sood comes from a humble background. He had no family in the film industry, none of the connections that are considered mandatory for anyone contemplating a career as a Bollywood actor. Yet, he has enjoyed immense success as an actor and producer. Sonu has done more than 65 movies. He is known for films like Dabangg, Simba, Happy New Year and Kung Fu Yoga with Jackie Chan.

Sood said, “Jay is my longtime friend. I am very happy to be his first guest at the “Jay-Ho!” And, I am sure this show will inspire millions of people to unlock their inner greatness and live their best lives.”

Sood was designated “the state icon of Punjab” by that state’s election commission. During the current pandemic, Sood helped thousands of Indian migrant workers stranded by the lockdowns to reach their homes by arranging buses, trains, and specially chartered flights—among many philanthropic works. In September 2020, Sood was chosen for the prestigious ‛SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award’ by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for his humanitarian works during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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