Udit Narayan breaks silence over Amit Kumar’s ‘Indian Idol 12’ controversy, tells Aditya ‘childish’

Read in Hindi: अमित कुमार के ‘इंडियन आइडल 12’ विवाद पर उदित नारायण ने तोड़ी चुप्पी, आदित्य को बताया ‘बचकाना’

Indian Idol has been making headlines for some time and for all the wrong reasons. After the episode of the legendary singer Kishore Kumar being aired on stage with his son Amit Kumar, things turned sour. Amit expressed his displeasure about the episode and revealed that he was asked to praise the contestants, even though he did not like their performance. Later, the host of the show, Aditya Narayan, indirectly sarcastically attacked Amit Kumar, for which he is facing criticism on social media.

Now, Aditya’s father singer Udit Narayan has broken his silence over his son’s controversy.

He said that criticizing new talents may not always be the right step and also talked about the ‘childish’ behavior of his son Aditya. Talking to Aaj Tak, he said in Hindi, “I saw Amit’s episode, I could see that he enjoyed it (performance). When you agreed to come on the show, you didn’t say such things after coming out Should have said. Now, I have said this and I too will be dragged into it like Aditya.

Udit also said that Amit has been like a brother to him and he will talk to him. “We are often invited so that we can see and polish new talent, we are also paid for it. This process of learning and teaching goes on throughout life. Often, we are not too strict with talent, fearing that they may be overwhelmed by negativity. “

Talking about Aditya, he said, ‘Aditya is not yet mature. He is childish and passionate. He has been on the show (Indian Idol) for some time and has joined it. Therefore, he has become very sensitive. If seen, nobody talked (about the dispute) from the stage and the burden fell on Aditya. “

He also expressed that it is not appropriate to put the entire burden of controversy on Aditya as he was just anchoring the show. “I didn’t say anything to him because I’m afraid he might go into depression, there are already a lot of people on his case.” But I would ask him, once all this is over, why is he caught while everyone else (from the show) remains clean? ” Veteran singer added.

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