Changes in airport rules

Earlier, passengers were used to carrying essential items like medicines in their cabin baggage. However, the new rules now prohibit certain medicines from being carried on flights to Dubai. It is important for passengers to be aware of these changes and ensure that they pack only the permitted items as per the updated guidelines.

Many passengers often travel without being fully aware of the prohibited items while flying. This causes unnecessary hassle not only to passengers but also to those handling the checking. Therefore, it is very important to keep the rule in mind, especially before flying to Dubai.

When preparing for a trip to Dubai, it is important to understand what items are allowed and what are not in cabin baggage and checked baggage. Many people unknowingly carry items that are considered illegal to carry on flights. This includes narcotics such as cocaine, heroin and cannabis, as well as betel leaves, ivory, gambling tools and items coming from boycotted countries.

In addition, printed materials, artworks, certain food items including non-vegetarian dishes, and even counterfeit currency are strictly prohibited. Violating these regulations can lead to serious legal consequences for travelers.

When traveling to Dubai, there are also certain products that require prepayment and clearance before being brought into the country. These include plants, fertilizers, books, specific medications, medical devices, cosmetics, electronic devices, alcoholic beverages, personal care products, e-cigarettes, and electronic hookahs.

Specific medications are also prohibited for transportation in Dubai. These include betamethadol, alpha-methylfentanyl, codoxime, fentanyl, methadone, opium, oxycodone, codeine, amphetamine, and others listed in the updated guidelines.

It is essential for travelers planning a trip to Dubai to familiarize themselves thoroughly with these regulations to avoid any inconvenience or legal issues during their trip. Strictly following these guidelines will not only ensure compliance with local laws but also contribute to a safe and hassle-free travel experience. Always get the latest information from the airport authorities or consult your airline for specific details before packing for your trip to Dubai.