Delhi Violence: Jallianwala Bagh 2.0 prevented, Delhi Police did not fall into the trap

The unfortunate violence near the Red Fort on Republic Day is an eye opener and is a lesson for law-enforcement agencies and police. Any mob has greater ability to turn hostility if it is leaderless and does not have uniformity in command. In this case, adding fuel to the fire was irresponsible statements made by some leaders for political gains.

Republic day violence comes against the backdrop of undesirable elements infiltrating the demonstrations – previously, posters of Omar Khalid, among others, were seen at a protest site – and it should not have gone unnoticed.

I fail to understand why no restrictive arrest was made, no active action was taken under sections 107 and 116 (3) of The Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC).

It was imminent that violence would erupt, especially if the protesters were allowed inside Delhi. The Delhi Police’s 37-point directive to the protesters was issued only on 25 January. These could not be applied at short notice to movements of such magnitude.

The rallies should have been saved by police volunteers, in a way farmers would not have lost their way (as claimed by some unions but not true). However, Lots of praise for the Delhi Police, not using lethal weapons against the protesters.

It would have opened a Pandora box and criticism against the action would have lasted decades, which was the game plan of Pakistan and Khalistan supporters. They wanted to convert into another Jallianwala Bagh on 26 January and brand the Police Commissioner General Dyer. Kudos to the Delhi Police for not falling into that trap. The Delhi Police acted as a mature force and did not open fire.

I would also like to praise the Delhi Police contingent. In the face of great and sudden provocations and imminent danger, he stood his ground and pacified the heavily armed and violent agitators.

22 cases have been registered in connection with the violence in Delhi, and the investigation has been handed over to the Crime Branch. All scientific instruments must be used for investigation – facial recognition software, big data analytics and software-driven CCTV footage – to identify key ringleaders. Massive awards should be announced on teams formed and dedicated to going after India’s Most-Wanted.

Lakha Sidhana and Deep Sidhu gave impenetrable speeches, which are on record; The provisions under MCOCA (Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act) should be enforced to seize all its movable and immovable property. Attachment to any political party does not help criminals.

The administration should should take preventive arrests, systems for action and quality intelligence based on them. The deployment pattern for such protest rallies should include a police party at the front, rear, and middle of the rally, where police personnel in plain clothes can provide real-time monitoring.

The question arising on farmers’ leaders who are condemning police for damaging tractors and supporting tractor drivers who succumbed to his injuries. The entire nation has witnessed their reckless driving, being engulfed in police barriers due to their own indiscretion and dying as a result. Let us not take pride in which is criminal and anti-national.